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SALE!! Estonian Chocolate 15 bars - Kalev - Random choice

SALE!! Estonian Chocolate 15 bars - Kalev - Random choice

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The chocolate bars are produced by Estonian confectionery company KALEV. You can see this trademark on every item that you order. AS Kalev (Kalev Ltd) is the largest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia. Its first predecessor started in Tallinn in 1806. For years, Kalev has been the best known and most reputable Estonian trademark.

You will receive a random choice of Estonian chocolate bars (15 pieces), which has a selection of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with various flavours.
Total weight of the package is approximately 1.8kg/3.6lbs

Please note! We reuse packages and try to not produce any more trash into world. If you want your items packed into the new box, please buy it separately.

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